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Capsule Network

Capsule Networks

The success of capsule networks lies in their ability to preserve more information about the input by replacing max-pooling layers with convolutional strides and dynamic routing, allowing for preservation of part-whole relationships in the data.

Research in Biomedical Imaging Analysis

SegCaps: Capsule for object segmentation

The proposed convolutional-deconvolutional capsule network, called SegCaps, shows strong results for the task of object segmentation with substantial decrease in parameter space.

XCaps: Explainable Capsules

Our explainable capsule network, X-Caps, encodes high-level visual object attributes within the vectors of its capsules, then forms predictions based solely on these human-interpretable features.

DCaps: Diagnosing Colorectal Polyps in the Wild with Capsule Networks

In this study, we design a novel capsule network architecture (D-Caps) to improve the viability of optical biopsy of colorectal polyps. Our proposed method introduces several technical novelties including a novel capsule architecture with a capsule-average pooling (CAP) method to improve efficiency in large-scale image classification


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