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Jul 21, 2023


Empowering Women in Medical AI: A Showcase of Our Lab's Leading Innovations

On July 21st, our lab resonated with inspiration and forward-thinking, thanks to our remarkable women scientists at the forefront of medical imaging research. Their tales of dedication, challenges, and groundbreaking discoveries were the highlight of this special gathering.

Research Associates

Elif Keles, MD, PhD

Dr. Elif Keles, a respected physician specializing in pediatrics and neonatology, holds both an MD and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Gazi University, Ankara. Currently, she serves as a Clinical Research Associate and Research Fellow at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. There, she harnesses the power of AI to facilitate significant advancements in disease diagnosis, treatment planning, and response prediction. Dr. Keles currently oversees two multi-million dollar projects funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), advancing interdisciplinary research in AI in pediatrics and neonatology. As a dedicated professional in the fields of neonatology, pediatrics, and neuroscience, Dr. Keles' vision is to foster collaboration between artificial intelligence and medical disciplines, contributing to the therapeutic use of AI in pediatrics.

Meghana Karri, PhD

Dr Meghana Karri is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Northwestern University, working under the guidance of Dr Ulas Bagci and Dr Yury Velichko. She earned her PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology Dhanbad (IIT Dhanbad), Department of Computer Science and Engineering, under the supervision of Dr Annavarapu Chandra Sekhara Rao. Dr Meghana's current work uses different medical image modalities to focus on sarcoma, brain tumours, and liver cancer.  Her research interests include Computer vision, Image processing, and leveraging deep learning methodologies for medical image analysis. Dr Meghana is recognized for her contributions to the segmentation of medical images.

Graduate Students

Lanhong Yao

Lanhong Yao is a Research Specialist and recent graduate from Northwestern University, where she earned a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering. Her research, which initially focused on brain tumor segmentation, has now evolved to include radiomics for survival analysis for both IPMN (pancreas) and HGG glioma (brain) patients. Lanhong's interests lie in deep learning, computer vision, medical imaging, and healthcare, solidifying her commitment to improving patient outcomes through innovative research.

Ilkin Isler

Ilkin Isler is a dedicated Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at the University of Central Florida, where she also serves as a research assistant under the dual supervision of Prof. Turgut and Prof. Bagci from Northwestern University. Her research lies at the intersection of deep learning and high-risk applications such as medical imaging. Specifically, Ilkin's objective is to develop trustworthy, explainable AI systems for use in radiation oncology and radiology systems.

Visiting Scholars & Affiliates

Harmony Sosa

Harmony Sosa is an undergraduate student at Stanford University studying bioengineering. She is currently focusing on the early detection of pancreatic cancer using radiologic risk assessment. Harmony is interested in furthering medical and mathematical research with an emphasis on improving disease diagnosis and addressing community health disparities.

Berra Adli

Berra Adli is a summer intern from Northside College Preparatory High School in Chicago. Over the past three years, she has acquired proficiency in Python, R, and HTML/CSS through both formal education and online platforms. Berra's research project revolves around devising an AI algorithm using PyTorch and UNET to automatically detect and quantify visceral fat tissue in CT and MRI scans. Her initiative showcases a blend of her academic learnings and application in the realm of medical imaging.

Zulal Vural

Zulal is a senior at Stevenson High School with a keen interest in melding her computer science skills with her passion for medicine. She's currently making strides at the Northwestern University AI Laboratory, focusing on tumor segmentation using ITK-SNAP and delving into deep learning with Python. Zulal envisions a future where she seamlessly integrates her expertise into advancing the healthcare sector.

Alisa Spritulo

Alisa Spritulo is a high school student from a mathematical gymnasium currently undertaking an internship at the Hybrid Intelligence Laboratory of Northwestern University. With a deep interest in computer science, she's channeling her enthusiasm into deep learning-based pulmonary embolism detection. Alisa aspires to integrate her acquired knowledge to make impactful contributions to medical research in the future.

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